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I think the world can agree that social media is the fastest, most direct way to get information to the public. Therfore, it was only a matter of time until news releases ceased to be emailed, and instead posted to Facebook or Twitter via status or tweet. A social media news release presents information that a company or business is wanting to get out to the public in a visually stimulating and easily accessible way. Some advantages to SMNRs are that they have links to share the news release not just with the site it’s already displayed on, but also with the many social media sites available to the public today. A disadvantage, a small one at that, is that SMNRs are still a fairly new way to get information out there so the public doesn’t know what to do with it. Here are two sites to help you create an SMNR:

Here are two examples of SMNRs to be released to the public:

5 tips that will be beneficial in creating your social media news release:

1. Include links to social media sites so that the public can share the information with others.

2. Use bulletpoints to get information across, not paragraphs.

3. Make it visually stimulating.

4. Make it interactive.

5. Have fun with it!

SMNRs are an innvoative way to release information to the public so be creative with it, and the world will be impressed with your company for years to come.




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