Life is more fun when you remember to laugh at yourself. And others.

Inspiration is Everywhere.



A blog that I follow on tumblr, PRCloset, does weekly blog posts on PR professionals that have found great success in public relations and love what they do. One “Spotlight On!” post from January 23rd struck me as especially inspirational. Candace Craig Bulishak, a graduate in PR at Syracuse University, started out at her first job in a PR firm in Boston, and now works as associate vice president at tarte cosmetics. By reading about her, and the steps she took to be where she is today, I learned that you can’t always have your dream job right way, but with time, patience, and experience, another, maybe even better, version of that past dream job can be right in front of you, and all you have to do is grab it. The “Spotlight On!” articles are interesting to me because the posts are always relevant to what a PR professional might want or need to hear. Perhaps it’s been a tough week at the firm you work at, and you’re wondering if it’s all worth it to be at that job, and all it takes is to scroll through these blog posts to realize why you got into public relations in the first place.


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