Life is more fun when you remember to laugh at yourself. And others.

Gaining Everything While Gaining Nothing.

            Amy Burton, head of Main Street Searcy since 2005, knows a little something about gaining and losing. As the head of a non-profit organization, her reward is found in something other than money. Her reward is found in the happiness and joy of the people that benefit from Main Street Searcy events. Main Street Searcy is a 501-C3 non-profit which means that it is tax exempt, donations to the program receive a tax deduction, and it is an educational non-profit. The PR model for Main Street Searcy is design, organization, promotion, and economic restructure. Fundraising is a huge thing for non-profits, and Burton explained how important it is to thank all donors at least three times a year. She stressed the importance of staying creative and not recycling ideas, and adding personal touches to everything that is done. Document and research everything for grant writing as to ensure that all information is sent in and taken care of.

I personally am not interested in pursuing a career in non-profit organizations, but I did learn that being consistently thankful and creative is a huge must for all non-profit organizations because it’s the public that run the events, not the organization. In high school I went to Healing Hands International in Nashville, TN for a service day, and it was incredibly inspiring to see what they do for so many people, whether it be for one person or thousands of people in a foreign country. Non-profits’ main job is to give others hope, which lasts quite a bit longer than money does if you ask me.


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